Route Engineer

Aberdeen or Chelmsford
Job Description


Working with marine survey data and using a corporate GIS, to design submarine power and telecommunication cable routes which mitigate risks and ensure the cable system’s security. To produce technical studies which quantify potential risks to existing and future submarine cable systems. To assist in the costing and review of marine surveys and other subcontracted work.

Key Deliverables:

  • Generation of cable route position lists and straight line diagrams
  • Provide cost estimates for desk study, burial assessment and survey related activities
  • Review of survey tenders, procedures and reports
  • Preparation of Cable Route Desk Top Studies
  • Research into the various influences on cable routeing
  • Undertake visits to potential cable landing sites and local stakeholders worldwide
  • Preparation and Management of GIS databases for desk top studies and land falls
  • Assessment of marine survey data for use in cable routeing and burial analysis
  • Post-survey route engineering
  • Present internally and externally on work undertaken in this role
Qualifications, Skills and Experience
Qualifications, Skills and Experience


  • Experience of using GIS (Intergraph GeoMedia/ESRI) software or equivalent
  • Understanding of marine survey equipment and capabilities
  • Excellent technical report writing skills
  • Suitable earth science or other related degree
  • Computer literate, with experience of technical software programmes
  • Ability to learn new skills and a keenness to develop
  • An attention to detail and a logical approach


  • Marine survey experience
  • Knowledge of the offshore environment
About The Company

OceanIQ is part of the Global Marine Group, providing industry-leading subsea cable data, survey, route engineering, permitting and consultancy services for telecom and power cable installation projects. As seabed usage across multiple industries increases, access to, and meaningful interpretation of, detailed subsea data has become essential to plan for future installations as well as protecting those in existence. 

With an unparalleled record of 97% of all fibre optic, and a substantial amount of power cables laid worldwide, coupled with decades of first-hand installation and maintenance experience, the Group’s combined knowledge offers OceanIQ a unique understanding of the ocean floor.

The team can accurately assess subsea projects and geographical locations; utilising their experience, extensive data and intrinsic understanding of the seabed to provide a complete analysis of the environment and detail the safest cable route to maximise installation efficiency and minimise risk to assets. This includes access to the world-leading GeoCable® software, cable records management, charting services, desk top studies, cable fault analysis and cable protection assessments.

OceanIQ’s combined years of expertise gives confidence from the start of a project to the moment the last cable is laid.